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Not just a cross tie anymore...

Coil•Tie takes the hazardous sag and droop out of old fashioned cross ties and front ties in the aisle, washstall, trailer, picket line or anywhere you tie your horse. Coil•Tie's don't drag in the water or get underfoot; ending wet - chewed ropes that get weaker as they get older. Coil•Tie ends the worry and hazard when you tie your horse outside a trailer at a show or on a picket line. It stretches and retracts to follow the horses head, allowing the freedom to eat and drink off the ground without stepping on a sagging rope.

Designed so that it will not trap your horse, Coil•Tie is repairable. So many great uses for such a little thing: Coil•Tie's are great for hanging toys in the stall, holding your dog or keeping track of kids at shows. Endurance riders use them for "tailing" and for an always handy lead that never drags on the ground.

Designed with your horses safety first!

Things your crosstie should do.
Come apart in a full panic situation.
Teach your young horse to stand quietly.
Stay out of your way.
Follow your horses head so they can't use your crosstie as a pacifier.
Follow your horses head up and down when used on a picket line.
Recommended by breeders, veterinarians and farriers!

#604 Shorty (3.5' ft long) $15.95
Heavy-duty solid bronze snap. Shorter black coil with a universal loop for easy hanging. Shipping: $12.50 flat rate.

#605 Standard (7.5' ft long) $21.95
Heavy-duty solid bronze snap. Longer black coil with a universal loop for easy hanging. Shipping: $12.50 flat rate.

Tack Room Drapes & Accessories

Made of the finest 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon or fade resistant Sumbrella. Custom design with trim and piping, add double piping or vary trim for uniqueness. Individualize with your logo or monogramming.

Full wall: 10' x 7'
Half wall: 6' x 7'
Door with zipper: 6' x 7'
1/4 Wall: 42" x 7'
Name Valance: 10' x 17"
See Colors Below


Equipment Covers and Accessories
Protect all your equipment with custom sized padded covers made of 1000 Denier Cordura or Sumbrella. Covers include trim and piping in stable colors. Add logos or monogram. Velcro closures available for specialty covers: bridle rack, mirrors, pictures, etc. We specialize in custom work, so just ask--we can Make it!


Director Chair Pieces
Seats and backs to fit you director chairs, made of 1000 Denier Cordura or Sunbrella.
Padded seats
Trim and pipe the back with your stable colors.
Put you logo or monogram on back.
(Chairs sold separately)
Chairs available, dining, bar and child's height

To order, send us an email.

Cordura Colors:
Red, Dark Navy, Navy, Royal Blue, Electric Blue, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Brown, Black, Gray, Orange, Tan, Purple, Pink, Marigold Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, Burgundy, Silver, White and Teal.

Easy Jack

With the Easy Jack you can take boots off with ease, store polish, boot pulls, and much more. The Easy Jack travels well, so just store all your boot goods inside and take it out on the road.

Model 120EJ
Shipping $12.95




2 Step Mounting Block

An attractive new look to an old standard. This rugged "Mounting Block" is lightweight, strong and affordable. Easy to carry from place to place, this block is perfect for mounting, grooming or any barn or household chore. $59.95



3 Step Mounting Block

It's 22" tall with three steps featuring molded slip-resistant treads. The "3-Step Mounting Block" features a roomy 12" deep storage compartment under the hinged top tread. At shows it's the perfect place to stash a brush, rub rag and maybe little boot polish for last minute clean up. The compartment can be locked with a simple padlock for added security. $124.95


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Please note: Prices and products can change without notice.
Please contact us directly to confirm availability and pricing

Jumps West guarantees its PVC products for 3 years from the date of purchase for normal, non-commercial use conditions - not including throwing, horse - rider - arena drag damage. Guarantee does not include shipping and is valid for the original purchaser only.

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