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Due to the complexity of shipping charge quotations and the limitations of PayPal, Jumps West reviews all Internet orders and notifies you immediately to refund shipping charge overages where automatic freight charges are miscalculated, or to increase the final price for additional quantities added at PayPal where shipping charges are based on only the first item.
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Kick Pad Stall Padding

Do you have a kicker?
Protect them and your walls with our heavy duty Kick Pad Stall Padding.

Made of 18 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl, covering 2" high-density foam. This weight is usually sufficient for most applications. Brass grommets all the way around for easy installation.

Read the Stall Padding FAQ below.

Attaching to Concrete? To attach kickpads to any kind of cement or concrete wall, use concrete screws less than 1/4" in diameter. Grommets on the pads are every 6", all the way around each edge. Pads are two sided, and removable/reusable.

Upgrade to 40 oz. vinyl if you are concerned you have a serious kicker:  +$30/pad

Color options and hanging options!

$25 per pad for any color other than Black.

Choose from Black, Tan, Red, Brown, Gray, Burgundy,
Forest Green, or Royal Blue.

Order using the approprite color button below.


4' (h) x 4' (w)- 2" thick for 18 oz. pad (black)

$310 each ($215 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25



4' (h) x 6' (w), 2" thick, 18 oz. nylon material (black)

$345 each ($250 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 8' (w) x 2" thick 18 oz black vinyl material (black)

$390 each ($295 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 9' (w) - 2" thick 18 oz. nylon material (black)

$430 each ($335 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 9' (w) - 2" thick 22 oz. nylon material (black)

$440 each ($345 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 9' (w) - 2" thick 40 oz. Extra Strength nylon material (black)

$455 each ($360 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 10' (w)- 2" thick for 18 oz. pad (black)

$470 each ($375 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 11' (w)- 2" thick for 18 oz. pad (black)

$530 each ($435 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Color: add $25


4' (h) x 12' (w)- 2" thick for 18 oz. pad (black)

$565 each ($470 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.)

Note:  this size has been changed to be two 4 x 6 pieces due to weight. We are still making pads up to 4 x 11 in one piece, but larger than that we recommend subdividing the pad size.

Color: add $25


Frequently Asked Questions About Stall Padding

  1. Do you sell for jobs as little as one, two or three stalls?
  2. What is the cost with and without installation? (2)12 x 12 and (1)12 x 16 foot stalls. $750 and $940
  3. Occasionally we get moisture under the stall mats and sometimes even water. How do you handle this?
    No worries there, the product is a geo-synthetic material inert to moisture or bacteria, the top cover is impermeable so you will find moisture can not leak underneath.
  4. Do rats and mice eat the rubber or is there a protective moisture barrier sheet you sell for water and vermin protection?
    Sometimes rats and mice can make the odd tunnel underneath, but it is not very common. The burrowing is not substantial enough to affect the position of the mattress.
  5. Does the neoprene cover withstand the weight of a big horse with shoes?
    Yes, rhinos and draft horses have used the stall padding system!
  6. If there is tearing or a problem, what is the guarantee from the company?
    Manufacturer defects for normal wear and tear, No excessive weaving, pawing or large corks with shoes. replacement is possible at the owners expense. Catherine, when we opted to carry this product we felt it was good enough, and sturdy enough, that tearing should not be taking place We were warned that studs on the shoes might be a problem. The whole system is too expensive to have these kinds of problems, and if we thought it happened often or under ordinary use conditions we would not want to supply it. When we were doing our homework about being a supplier, I asked and dug into this - the system was originally developed for full size adult cattle, living on the systems full time. The installations had lasted as long as ten years, and at 3-4 years, had no issues.
  7. Is there any price break for more stalls?
    10 stalls or more.
  8. Mounting Instructions
    Screws not included. Use 1/4" diameter wood screws, or check with your hardware store for how to mount kickpads through other materials than wood, such as concrete/concrete screws. The hardware store can identify the proper washers. For support, look for the wood studs and make sure you mount there, in particular.

    Most people mount the kickpads using wood screws and washers, direct/straight into the wood, not through to another side.

Therapetic Stall Padding

Padding available in 4" thick soft foam, which is less dense and softer than 2", great for the rehabilitation of mares and foals, injured and cast prone horses.



It is a known fact that soundness is the key factor in having a happy relationship with your horse whether you have performance horses or have your equine friend for companionship or pleasure. Many vets recommend stall padding for horses with lameness issues. Pressure is relieved from the horse's legs and joints when they are standing on a supportive, yet forgiving surface of the stall padding system.


Overall, it is a proven fact...sleep is essential for good health.  Like humans, horses need to go into a REM sleep to benefit their health. The stall padding system actually promotes horses to lie down more often and allows their joints, muscles, and tendons to rejuvenate.

System Use

Stall padding can be installed over any type of existing floor that is firm and level.  Once installed the stall padding cannot be shifted or displaced by the horse.  Shavings are not required to bed your horse as this system is the bed. Shavings are used solely to absorb the urine and to keep the stall clean. With good absorbent shavings, you can remove the urine completely from the stall leaving your horse with a cleaner, healthier stall. The amount of shavings used is determined by each horse’s behavior in its stall and the amount of time spent in the stall.


The system is quick and easy to clean and disinfect. With stall padding, you will cut your muck out time in half. stall padding eliminates the costly event of replacing and releveling your horses stall each year. Our customers report that stall padding is so effective that it pays for itself within its first year of installation

4' (h) x 6' (w) - 4" thick
$310: $245 +$65 shipping in Continental U.S.

4' (h) x 9' (w) - 4" thick
$420: $325 + $95 shipping in Continental U.S.

4' (h) x 12' (w) - 4" thick

18 oz. nylon material

$530: $415 + $115 shipping in Continental U.S.

18 oz nylon material with custom colors

$580: $465 + $115 shipping in Continental U.S.

Choose color

Therapeutic Stall Padding Installation

We can help when you need therapeutic or protective padding.

Trailer Padding

Custom sizing available on all padding.

Folding Van Pads

24" (h) x 12' (w)

$500: $385 + $115 shipping within continental US.

Choose color

48" (h) x 10' (w)

$770: $595 + $145 shipping within continental US.

Folds in 3 sections, fits side, back, and side of double stall, custom sizing available on all padding


Van Pad/Trailer Pad

48" (h) x 40" (w)

$390: $295.00 + $95 shipping within continental US.

Choose color




Concussion Protection & Anti-Vibration

stall padding is designed to absorb the concussion of a horses kick, protecting its legs, joints and tendons from the force associated with this vice. stall padding also acts as a sound dampener and many horses cease to kick their stalls as the “loud bang” is eliminated.

Safe For Horses

Stall padding is safe as there are no hooks required to hang it on. There are no small pieces to dislodge as the foam slabs are covered by our durable & waterproof. All the materials used in stall padding are hypo-allergenic.


If your horse is kicking at the walls to get up, the stall padding will aid by helping the horse to “get a grip” and push away from the wall, instead of its hoof slipping on a hard surface.

Foaling Stalls

With the wabbling legs of the new born foal, stall padding protects them if they fall into the wall head first. It also helps to insulate the stall keeping it warmer at foaling time, especially in the colder climates.

Recovery Stalls

Stall padding is ideal in veterinary clinics and hospitals by offering protection to sick and recovering horses. Stall padding is very easy to clean and disinfect.


The stall padding is light weight and easy to install and does not take up much space in the stall. Since stall padding is attached to the walls with the protective top cover which is fastened to the walls it cannot be torn down by the horse and will not shift with repeated concussion.


Used on the floor of your trailer stall padding creates a seamless wall to wall anti-vibration system relieves the strain on your horses legs & tendons. Less fatigue after travel means better performance. It is easy to clean after travel…no more pulling out contaminated heavy mats.


stall padding is light weight and easy to install. You can customize stall padding from one wall to all four in your horses stall. What ever height or length stall padding will accommodate.

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Please note: Prices and products can change without notice.
Please contact us directly to confirm availability and pricing

Jumps West guarantees its PVC products for 3 years from the date of purchase for normal, non-commercial use conditions - not including throwing, horse - rider - arena drag damage. Guarantee does not include shipping and is valid for the original purchaser only.

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