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Event Fence Portable Fencing®

Ideal Temporary Fencing for special events, special occasions, and specialty use including photo shoots, crowd control, traffic designators, starting gates, finish lines, and holding corrals. This fencing is so versatile. It can be used as temporary fencing around your barn, fields, or paddocks. It can be used for public events, or as a Starter Gate.

Portable Event Fence® fence foot and PVC Fencing. Post height is 4', and overall height is 50". Each fence rail ships in 8' x 1.5" x 5.5" sections. Except as noted, shipping is included in continental United States. Minimum order is 3 sections or 24' of fencing. Additional sections pricing shown below.

Shipping for small orders ships via UPS ground. Contact us if you would like custom lengths other than 8' for your fence rails, or custom heights.

Event Fence® Layouts

Additional Layouts (PDF)

Complete Portable Riding/Training Arena

Perfect for seasonal or temporary uses. Fencing can be repurposed easily for other uses such as giving medications, shoeing, traffic control, parking barriers, arena dividers, stadium grounds. Sets up in just minutes. Feet include interior stakes for stability.

Includes: 8' Entry Section and shipping.

48 x 58: $2395
64 x 48: $2695
72 x 80: $3195
80 x 96: $3295 (two rail fencing 4' tall)

Event FenceŽ

100 x 200 with 2 rails. Portable Riding Arena/Enclosure: $6995.00 includes continental shipping

Jumps West is proud to announce it will be supplying Event Fence Portable Fencing® for these Special Events:

2013 USA World Cup Pentathlon

Click for more information

2013 Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous

Click for more information

Corrals and Corner Fencing, shipping included.

Three-sided Fence 8 x 16.
Includes 2 end posts, 2 corner posts, 1 line post, 5 caps, 5 Event Fence feet, 8 rails: $775.00

Three-sided Fence 16 x 16

Four sided Fence 8 x 16.
Includes 4 corner posts, 2 line posts, 6 caps, 6 Event FenceTM feet, 12 rails: 979.95

Four sided Fence 16 x 16.
Includes 4 corner posts, 4 line posts 8 caps, 8 Event FenceTM feet, 16 rails: $1299.95

Single Event Fence® Foot: $39.95 incl. shipping.

Fence feet available in some unique colors: black, granite, green. Contact us for details.

Sold in 8' routered sections with two posts, two rails, and two post caps. Contact us for details.

Two caps 5 x 5. 2 oz.
Two posts 5" x 5" x 5' Each pc. 9 lbs.
Two rails 1.5" x 5.5" x 8' Each pc. 8 lbs.
Two fence feet. Each piece: 6.25 lbs.

This clever portable fencing is ideal for a wide range of applications, from public parades, tournaments, competitions, awards ceremonies, sporting events, even starting gates and route markers.

These photos show close up of how you can stake the Event Fence® feet, which can also be filled with water, to stabilize the fence rails.

Use this fencing for round pen training!

Portable Round Pen 50' Diameter used as a single-rail, and double-rail portable round pen.

Includes 15 line posts, 15 Event Fence® feet, 30 rails: $2295.00

Please inquire about 60' availability.

Event Fence® Portable Round Pen Assembly Instructions (pdf)

Linear Fencing

Three sections - Linear. 24'. Includes 2 end posts, 2 line or corner posts, 4 caps, 4 Event Fence® feet, 6 rails. $595.00
Three sections - One Corner. 24'. Includes 2 end posts, 1 line post, 1 corner post, 4 caps, Event Fence® feet, 6 rails. $595.00

Four sections - Linear. 32'. Includes 2 end posts, 3 line posts, 5 caps, 5 Event Fence® feet, 8 rails. $775.00
Four sections - One Corner. 32'. Includes 2 end posts, 1 corner post, 2 line posts, 5 caps, 5 Event Fence® feet, 8 rails. $775.00


5" x 5" Post Cap: $2.95.
Event Fence Foot, incl. shipping: $39.95
8' Rail Section, each: $15.00
4' Post Section, each - Line Piece: $19.95
4' Post Section, each - Corner Piece: $19.95
4' Post Section, each - Side Piece: $19.95

Each additional Section, Line - includes 1 line post, 1 cap, 2 rails, 1 Event Fence® feet: $159.95 incl. shipping
Each additional Section, Corner - includes 1 corner post, 1 cap, 2 rails, 1 Event Fence® feet: $159.95 incl. shipping

What They're Saying About Jumps West...

We have our ring in action and all set up! I am so excited and just love it! It looks so great have gotten many compliments! I love it so much I've decided I'd like to save more money to make it bigger and better!

Emily R.

Not Just for Arenas ~ Use it in Commercial Applications!


Portable Horse Fencing ~ Paddocks ~ Portable Round Pens ~ People Barriers

Email us for details.


Jumps West also can supply your local, regional, national, even International FEI-level timing equipment. Prices start, for FEI approved systems, from $8500 including shipping.

Send us your details, including a plan of your facility were it shows the arena and the place you wish to install the screen and the position of the judge panel.

Shown here is an example of an arena/competition layout.

Jumps West will combine your items for you. Order fencing, jumps, barn supplies - any variety of equine products and we will send in the same container. Save on customs and freight handling.


PVC Fencing

PVC Gate

Diagram represents 75 meters x 100 meters.
Cost is approx. $9,500

Diagrams for PVC Fencing

Fence Layout Illustrations
To scale. Includes comparison of feet/inches versus metric measurements

A. Portable, single rail fence

B. Permanent, two rail fence

C. Recommendation for PVC rail/fence protection

copyright Jumps West

Jumps West is able to offer many choices for the supply of large-scale rail projects, including metric sizes and FEI required sizes. These shown here, by request, are not crack filled. We can ship raw rails to crack filled, sanded, primed, and painted, including custom paintwork.

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Please note: Prices and products can change without notice.
Please contact us directly to confirm availability and pricing

Jumps West guarantees its PVC products for 3 years from the date of purchase for normal, non-commercial use conditions - not including throwing, horse - rider - arena drag damage. Guarantee does not include shipping and is valid for the original purchaser only.

Worldwide Shipping ~ Products Come Assembled

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Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: 702.562.4077 ~ Fax: 702.562.4001

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Jumps West does not process American Express payments directly.
However, we can issue a paypal request, via email, that will allow you to use American Express for online payments.

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