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Jumps West is a diverse business, with a four continent supply chain and a six continent reach, exporting all over the world. Among the Company's interesting and unique projects, Jumps West have shipped into Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, sent airfreight to a castle in France, supplied the Equestrian Discipline to the Special Olympics, and sent materials to Alaska, Barbados, Hawaii, Jamaica, Panama, even Argentina and New Zealand!


Pan Am photo credits: Gil Williams

In 2019, Jumps West won a global competition to supply modern Pentathlon.  This bid was awarded by the United Nations (UNOPS) and was negotiated in business Spanish.  The project included materials sourced from four Continents and took seven months to prepare.  The coordination included both airfreight and ocean freight and trucking. 

  • The Pan Am Games go back nearly 70 years and includes 41 member countries

  • The Games are held every four years and are often a trial event to qualify for the Olympics

  • The USA holds the top spot on the all-time medal table and has been the top performer at every Games except the inaugural one from 1952.

  • Athletes can qualify by name for the Olympics, in the Sport of Pentathlon, where berths are broken down by region with at least two for each gender coming from North America, Central America or Caribbean nations.  (source:  Todd Kortemeier, sportswriter and contributor to

Peru hosted the 2019 Pan Am Games, and is home to the oldest civilizations in the Americas.  Peru includes the first known city in the Americas, circa 2500 BCE,  and is one of the six oldest civilizations in the world.  There is far more to Peru's past than just the Inca, which only lasted for a period of approximately 150 years, ending in 1533. (source:  Wikipedia and Museo Larco) 

Feature Jumps
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