Complete Hunter/Jumper Course II (11 jumps)

SKU: PC-03

A total of 11 jumps
5 Hunter Style & 6 Jumper Style.

They are individually priced so you can easily adjust your preferences.

The first set is for 5 classic hunter jumps, including two oxers.
All jumps shown are 5' height/10' length, unless otherwise noted.

2 Identical Hunter Jumps

This jump includes the wings, schools, jump cups, gate and rails. Colors as shown.
"Spread jump - Oxer"
Jump 1: $1051.25
Jump 2: $1051.25


Complete Jump, including travertine wings/wall, cups and rails. One Jump.
Classic Hunter Jump. "Vertical"
Jump 3: $1413.50


Two Complete Jumps - using this color scheme. Jump Includes wings, rail, picket fence and flowers, cups. "Vertical"
Jump 4: $937.55
Jump 5: $937.55
This next group contains jumper jumps. Total six jumps including water jump. 5' Jumper Wing set, striped rails & cups.

Complete, includes liverpool, wings, rails, cups. replaces the picket fence/flowers with the water obstacle.
Jump 6: $1023.40
Jump 7: $975.00
Jump 8:? $975.00
Each jump includes the 6' wings, 3 pair cups, 3 striped rails, flower boxes and flowers. 5'

Jump 9: $1438.05

6' back element. 6'

Jump 10: $1104.50
Jump 11: $1104.50

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