Complete PVC/Hybrid Course Special

Complete PVC/Hybrid Course Special

SKU: PC-11
  • 5 sets Wings. 2 navy/white, 2 powder blue/white, and 1 white lattice.
  • 5' Hybrids and PVC.
  • 2 gates 10'
  • 4 pairs PVC 5' Schools.
  • 1 Flower Box Set 10' PVC including flowers
  • 1 Brush Box Set 10' PVC
  • 10 matched striped rails. Custom striping. Matched to wing sets. 10' crack filled wood.
  • 12 pair jump cups.

Choose any two colors for the course and let us send you this wonderful training package!

These wonderful jumps are available in an almost unlimited variety of
color options and designs for filler materials.

Products may not be exactly as pictured. Descriptions are accurate.

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