Cowboy curtain / "car-wash"

Cowboy curtain / "car-wash"

SKU: WO-01

This handsome, sturdy product features a very stable base, plus all-weather materials designed specifically for outdoor use. Practical, safe, assembles in under 5 minutes, no tools needed.


The feet of the cowboy curtain can be water filled, which does a great job for increasing stability. However in high winds they also need be staked into the ground. We can supply the stakes. The curtain does hold wind and create resistance, so in high wind it becomes top heavy which must be compensated for.


 $145 shipping.

This item can ship in two pieces, assembles very easily, via Fed Ex ground.  Ground shipping is $145.  Includes curtain, uprights, curtain rod, patented feet, and stakes.

Shipping via commercial freight - please call for quote.  


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