PVC/Wood Hybrid™ - Hunter (10 jumps)

SKU: PC-05

A Jumps West original that is patent pending!

This beautiful Hunter Course includes 10 jumps (shown here with one extra gate and logos, extra charges apply):

  • 2 Green/White hybrid wing sets
  • 4 PVC Wing Sets
  • Four PVC Schooling Pair
  • 15 wood rails - white, and green/white striped
  • 15 Pair Jump Cups
  • 2 White Flower Box Sets
  • 1 Wood Stain Flower Box Set
  • 1 Wood Stain Picket Gate
  • 2 2 x 4 logo walls
  • 3 Wood Picket Gates
  • 1 Brush Box Set

Ships complete in the Continental U.S. for $5999.95

Products may not be exactly as pictured. Descriptions are accurate.


Jumps West is proud to offer these innovative jump designs, featuring the best of both materials!

  • Durability of PVC
  • Weight and color choices of wood

Typically, wood frames face biodegradation due to temperature and humidity changes. With these new PVC frames the feet and uprights remain sturdy. At the same time, the traditonal weight and color variety of wood allows you to choose a wide variety of custom color choices. All wings are PVC frame/wood slats.

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