Set of 8 White Cavalletti - Wood Center, Aluminum Ends

Set of 8 White Cavalletti - Wood Center, Aluminum Ends

SKU: CV-13

For hunters and jumpers, general training.

10' foot wood rail - painted white wood rail or natural stain.

Natural stain are product number CV-03

powder coated aluminum x-style ends

Heights are 5", 10" and 15" to the top of the rail.

Price per 8.

Flat rate shipping $359.95 to a business in the continental U.S.

Images show how cavalletti are shipped. End pieces and rails in a bundle.

Cavalletti ends are boxed for shipment.

Screws, nuts and washers included. All you need is a wrench to reassemble & tighten.


Powder Coated Aluminum Cavalletti ends, wood centers.  Simply the most durable classic cavalletti design on the market today. 

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