Jumps West Built, Unique Breyer Designed
Jumps for Children

At the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, children enjoyed jumping for joy over the most imaginative jumps for juniors ever created, through a unique partnership between Breyer Animal Creations®, makers of the world's finest model horses and Jumps West, a premier manufacturer of the largest selection of jumps in North America.

"At BreyerFest, children spent hours building and leaping over mini-courses," said Stephanie Macejko, Breyer's Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. "We wanted to give them a similar experience at the Breyer Pony Paddock at the 2010 Games.  We designed a course of six unique jumps and partnered with Jumps West to bring them to life.  We were excited to introduce children to their first jumping course! Who knows where it can lead!"

Six fences in all were built by Jumps West for Breyer. The fences were designed by Breyer to represent a wide variety of famous equine themes including  the 2010 Games, Breyer's 60th Anniversary, Big Lex (the official horse of Lexington, Kentucky Thoroughbred racing), and the World of Breyer and America's Wild Horses.


ESPRIT – The Official Model Horse of the 2010 Games

Breyer® is dedicated to honoring exceptional equestrian athletes and inspiring a child’s love of horses through quality toys and collectibles. Esprit captures the courage, beauty and athleticism of all horses. The sculpture of Esprit was commissioned especially for the 2010 Games and is the Official Model Horse of the 2010 Games.


Since 1950, Breyer® artisans have hand-crafted the finest model horses from the world’s most popular breeds. Horses such as Secretariat, Smart Chic Olena, Gem Twist and Salinero have all been honored in the Breyer stable of champions. In honor of our 60th anniversary, this fence features “#57 Western Horse,” the very first Breyer model. To learn more about Breyer, its annual horse festival, BreyerFest®, and the hobby of collecting, showing, and customizing, visit our website at www.BreyerHorses.com


The Horse Capital of the World, Lexington has also been home to our three-day BreyerFest® event for 21 years. This jump features Big Lex, the bluegrass symbol of Lexington. This fence was created to honor the relationship Breyer has with the city of Lexington and to honor Lexington as the host of the 2010 Games.


Authentic Breyer models of Thoroughbreds, Standardbred Pacers, Kentucky Saddlebreds and Warmbloods are featured on this dedication to the hobby of model horse collecting.


A Breyer® Grand Prix in Kentucky would be incomplete without a special fence in honor of Thoroughbred racing. Breyer has made models of Secretariat, Zenyatta, Rachel Alexandra, Seabiscuit, John Henry, Man O’War and many more!


A tribute to the American West and one of Breyer’s most popular sculptures is showcased in this beautiful jump

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