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Itchin' Post (TM) Animal Grooming Scratch Pad

Is your horse rubbing his tail, leaning on fence posts or otherwise trying to scratch? All animals need to scratch and groom. Help your horse enjoy a safe, comfortable way to scratch without injuring himself or your property. Makes a great gift item too!

Made in the USA with a percentage of all sales proceeds going directly to certified animal rescue. Not made from common rubber, this specialty product can absorb fly spray, grooming products so when your horse scratches the product will transfer to his coat. Very durably and safe.

Each Itch-Away Scratch Pad panel is 23" x 14" in size. Installation is simple and panels can be arranged in a number of ways. Two or three  panels wrapped around a tree or circular wood post give a horse excellent access to the scratching surface.  Panels should be mounted at shank to head height for your animal's convenience. Walls, building corners and animal pens are also great places to mount Itch-Away Scratch Pads.

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