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Water jumps

Liverpools - Circular / Diamonds / Squares - Custom colors available

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Water Jumps and Liverpools

According to FEI rules, a Water Jump must have a minimum spread of 2.5m. If water is used under, in front of or behind an obstacle, the obstacle is called a Liverpool.

Liverpools are vinyl, four-sided, and can be used as a PORTABLE OPEN WATER JUMP and/or underneath a vertical/oxer. There is a range of colors available including two tone. Note: these are also available to our European clients, shipping from Europe, but in blue only.

Rubber Open Water Jump comes in metric and feet/inches sizes. Standard sizes are all metric. Heavy, specialized, available only from Europe. Historically, most of these sold 3-sided with the 4th side open. We recommend, however, that you select the 4-sided portable version to allow bi-directional course design as a more versatile option. The portable bidirectional Open water jump equivalent is made in the USA and is suitable for Rated Competitions including Young Riders.

(A) shows the 2" rigid frame portable bidirectional open water equivalent, which is a replacement for (B) the rubber open water jump

open water equivalent (portable & bidirectional)with a 2" rigid frame


rubber open water jump


Liverpools have a soft 4" thick vinyl-covered foam border

Handling and Storing Waterjumps.

The waterjumps can be folded for transport. Upon arrival, check for damages. Do not use forklift transportation machines to lift the water jump up.

NOTE: Damages must be noted at time of delivery to the driver present or insurance will be void.

Don't open the water jump covered with vinyl for transportation, with a knife. Do not pull at the sidewalls to unfold the waterjump.

Store the water jump laying flat on the floor, making sure there are no stones under the water jumps. The water jump can be rolled up or folded for transportation to the arena.

Upon installation in the arena, make sure there are no stones under the waterjump.

Item above: 14' wide 3pc. email for details

FIND OUT MORE ~ Click here to read about the differences between Open Water Jumps, Liverpools, and Portable Water Jumps and Black Rubber FEI Open Water Jumps at the bottom of this page.

Shop for water jumps
Please check the sizes of the water jump you order.

Portable bidirectional USA-made Open Water jump equivalent

European standard size 4.00m x 3.00m is equivalent to US 12' x 9'.

European standard size 5.00m x 3.00m is equivalent to US 15' x 9'

European standard size 3.30 m x 4.30m is equivalent to US 10' x 14'.


Open Water Jumps, Liverpools and Portable Water Jumps - What are the differences?


All liverpools are water jumps, but not all water jumps are liverpools.  There are both vinyl and black rubber portable water jumps - which are four sided.  Open Water Jumps are very specialized, and involve 3 tall sides and the fourth side open, with specialized methods to seal/protect/measure the horse's jump on the landing side.

You can simulate the size of a permanent open water jump with a four sided portable rubber or vinyl one.  Portable rubber and all the smaller liverpools can go underneath a jump (jumping depths to about 6' or so), and the larger jumps are generally considered "Open Water" with no rails above their spans.

If you are considering your choices, to replace an existing permanent rubber water jump - here are some options:

You have several choices for replacing the permanent rubber water jump.  For any larger size, where the jump span is 9' or more, we are recommending that you consider replacing it with the four sided vinyl portable water jump, which comes in a standard wall height of 7.5cm (2.95 inches).  These wall heights can be customized, by request.

The vinyl ones do work, however, so many of the Competition horses tend to have studs in their shoes, that there is a much higher likelihood of tearing the vinyl landing side from a shod horse using studs. Therefore we recommend you add the rubber landing strip to protect the landing side of the large portable water jump.

We can quote both feet and metric sizes, and the standard portable black rubber open water jump sizes are currently 3 x 4m or 3 x 5m, however if you have a specific size preference/height of rim of the jump, we can discuss this.  If price is a factor, the vinyl ones are available in these larger sizes.  Generally, the majority of Open Water jump jumping depths are 3m or approx. 9', however we have seen jumping depths up to 10'6".


Black Rubber FEI Open Water Jumps

Used globally for international jumping competitions and available ONLY from Europe.

Customers for this product include: Beck & Heun Germany, Cardinali & Rothenberger Germany, Top Jumps Belgium, AS Jumping Netherlands, Hippo Holland Netherlands , Spring Garden France , SHS Carlos Vieira Portugal, Fujiintec Japan, Lupa Iberica Spain, Equitazione Ardesi Italy, Krähenbühl Swiss, System Fencing Canada, Montsec Sarl France, Cavan Equestrian Ireland , Show Jumping Moscow RUS, Bejiing China, Lüro Swiss, Appe Austria, Olaf Petersen jun Germany, Neuhard Germany , Dussler Germany , Alfonso Romo Garza Mexico.

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