Large, Safe, Acrylic Arena Mirrors

  • Shatterproof   

  • Safe   

  • Bright   

  • Lightweight


Arena Mirrors. . . .suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made especially for horse sports, and suitable for other applications, they are impact resistant, optical quality and safer than glass. 


The mounting and protection against moisture are critical.  We recommend marine grade plywood, carefully sanded and sealed with primer.  The ideal mounting is on concrete wall.  We recommend you apply the specialty adhesive, with a silicon seal around the interior perimeter to protect against moisture.

Mirrors are not returnable. Mirrors are sold unmounted.  Please check with your local contractor for mounting. We can assist and advise on mounting instructions, however, mirrors ship unmounted.

Because we cannot control the installation and use of the mirrors we cannot accept responsibility for damage or poor performance. Our arena acrylic mirrors are not as dangerous as regular mirrors.

Beyond about 10 meters, both glass and acrylic present distortion issues.  Any moisture and weathering can cause distortion issues.  Mounting with screws poses a distortion risk if you overtighten.  In general, the optics of these mirrors are, literally, optical quality, with the same performance as glass mirrors.  The acrylic does not yellow or haze.  A complete guide to installation procedures is available for download on this page.

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