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Complete 9 Jump Set

Complete 9 Jump Set

SKU: PJ-10

Including 5 oxers

Includes shipping


Products may not be exactly as pictured. Descriptions are accurate.

  • Packages

    • Polyethylene Course Packages come standard with 5’ Standards and 10’ Jumps and standard jump cups. For an additional cost, clients may choose 12’ wide jumps, 6’ high standards or a combination of both, also available are Metal Keyhole Track for pinless jump cups.
    • Stripes for poles are not included, but you can add them.
    • Changes or additions will be priced accordingly. The 6' standards are pictured on our wings page.
    • Polyethylene traditionally will not fade for at least 7 years. Current technology on has allowed polyethylene to last over 10 years outdoors before it ages or becomes brittle.
  • Disclaimer - please check with us

    Please check with us for updated pricing and availability - this is a brand new website and we are still updating these Package offerings.  Thank you.  Email: or call 866-389-0018.

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