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Portable fencing

Event Fence Portable Fencing®

Ideal Temporary Fencing for special events, special occasions, and specialty use including photo shoots, crowd control, traffic designators, starting gates, finish lines, and holding corrals.


This fencing is so versatile it can be used as temporary fencing around your barn, fields, or paddocks. It can be used for public events, or as a Starter Gate.

For example: 96 x 192 Arena including two slipgates (custom welded aluminum brackets): $7199.95 including shipping in lower 48 U.S. This comes close to being a 100 x 200' Arena. Each rail is 12' long, for symmetry, so the exact dimensions are 96 x 192.

Versatile and portable

Portable Event Fence® fence foot and PVC Fencing.

Post height is 4', and overall height is 50".

Each fence rail ships in 8' x 1.5" x 5.5" sections.

Except where noted, shipping is included in continental United States.

Minimum order is 3 sections or 24' of fencing. Additional sections pricing shown below.

Shipping for small orders ships via UPS ground.

Contact us if you would like custom lengths other than 8' for your fence rails, or custom heights.

Featured at:

Special Olympics  -  U.S.A. Pentathalon World Cup - Palm Springs  -  Charlotte Motor Speedway  - 
The Longines Masters Jumping Competitions - Los Angeles Convention Center  -  Opening Ceremony - Colonial Williamsburg Ice Rink

Jumps West also can supply your local, regional, national, even International FEI-level timing equipment. Prices start, for FEI approved systems, from $8500 including shipping.

Send us your details, including a plan of your facility showing the arena and the place you wish to install the screen and the position of the judge panel.

Functional, flexible layouts

Extra Parts

  • 5" x 5" Post Cap: $2.95.

  • Event Fence Foot, incl. shipping: $39.95

  • 8' Rail Section, each: $15.00

  • 4' Post Section, each - Line Piece: $19.95

  • 4' Post Section, each - Corner Piece: $19.95

  • 4' Post Section, each - Side Piece: $19.95

Each additional Section, Line - includes:

  • 1 line post,

  • 1 cap,

  • 2 rails,

  • 1 Event Fence® feet: $159.95 incl. shipping

Each additional Section, Corner - includes:

  • 1 corner post,

  • 1 cap, 2 rails,

  • 1 Event Fence® feet: $159.95 incl. shipping

I am overwhelmed it is stunning! Holy cow!!

Thank you beyond words


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Frequently Asked Questions - Fencing
Parts and assembly

Does the ground have to perfectly level?

No, the ground does not have to be level.

How difficult is it to assemble?

Please read through the instructions on the Parts and Assembly page for full instructions. It is not difficult to assemble.

Does the PVC discolor after sun damage? 

The fencing does not discolor from sun damage - it has UV inhibitors

Does the PVC get brittle after a number of years? 

The oldest fencing we have out is about 7 years old, and is not yet brittle - the pvc includes what are called flex polymers, to make it not so brittle.  It doesn't just become brittle due to age

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